Meditation Will Change You

Over time, your mind will learn to disempower its thoughts. The things that worry you will begin to worry you less. Your goals will become more focused and realistic, based not in future pipe-dreams but in the present moment. You will slowly but surely gain power over yourself in a way you could have never dreamed. Let it happen; the key is to stick with it and not expect too much too soon. Divorce yourself from the end goal of meditation. Do it for its own sake. Pretty soon, you’ll start doing other stuff for its own sake. Meditation creates a new pathway in your brain that makes it judge and discriminate less. You can act for action’s sake, speak with conviction and follow your intuition without being impulsive. Stress can cut years of your life; meditation will also help put an end to that unnecessary death-knell. Your life will begin to transform itself; your satisfaction will skyrocket and your costs will plummet.