Story of Gonyo-son

By Taisen Deshimaru Roshi:

Kodo Sawaki told this one often. Gonyo was always accompanied by two big tigers and a serpent, he was a respected monk but strange. He was a disciple of Joshu with whom he had this mondo:

“Now I have nothing. I have brought you nothing. Mu.”

Joshu answered

“Abandon everything.”

“I have brought nothing, how can I abandon that?”

Joshu then said,

“Gonyo brought his nothing, existence without anything. So you must leave again, take this nothing with you.”

This mondo is very interesting.

Some believe “I must get (obtain) satori. I must not think.” It is not necessary to look for satori. Then you should say, “I am nothing. It is not necessary to be attached to the subject of mushotoku, to be beyond satori, beyond.” Don’t throw away satori, be beyond all things, without dualism.

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