The New Daily Zen Radio Show: Breath Cult

In addition to working on the Daily Zen Podcast, I was recently asked by 8 Ball’s Lele Saveri to host a show on 8 Ball Radio introducing listeners to meditation and Zen ideas. I thought this would be a good opportunity to introduce my audience here to that show. To start with, 8 Ball is a NY-based nonprofit that hosts Zine fairs, helps artists realize their visions, and promotes generally engaging and inspiring stuff. They were responsible for The Newsstand, a project in which they did a makeover of a New York subway newsstand and turned it into a trading post for zines, books, and limited edition artworks of various kinds. Their projects are diverse and I’m thrilled they asked me to host a show.

The first episode of the show was earlier today (Nov 2, 2015) so here’s an embed if you feel like listening. I played a recitation of a sutra by Taisen Deshimaru, a lecture except by Alan Watts, and some Aphex Twin ambient music, among some other goodies. The idea of the show is to keep the language to a minimum and let the audience zone in to the sounds and the nuances of their surroundings. I hope you will consider listening and maybe even meditating along to some of the tracks.

You can listen to the show here. And tune in next week at 4pm for the next episode.




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