5 Quotes And 2 Poems By Zen Master Bankei

“Rather than trying to become a buddha, nothing could be simpler than taking the shortcut of remaining a buddha!”

“Originally, thoughts have no real substance. So if they’re reflected, just let them be reflected; if they arise, just let them arise; if they stop, just let them stop. As long as you’re not attaching to these reflected traces, delusions won’t be produced.”

“The nature of human beings has changed very little through the centuries, despite numerous efforts to change it. Nor does it seem likely to be less full of passion, jealousy and hate in the next thousand years, here or in outer space.”

“When you do your digging without delusions like anger, [your work] will become an easy and joyful practice.”

“Trying to suppress delusion is delusion too. Delusions have no original existence; they’re only things you create yourself by indulging in discrimination.”

A couple poems:

“Chasing after words, pursuing phrases, when will you ever be done?

You run yourself ragged amassing knowledge, becoming widely informed

Self-nature is empty and illuminating, so let things take care of themselves

There’s nothing else I have to pass on.”

“Clinging, craving and the like

I don’t have them on my mind

That’s why nowadays I can say

“The whole world is truly mine!””


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