There’s No Need To Understand

We’re brought up to learn in a very specific way. Most schooling presents ideas to us in a straight-forward manner: there are things that exist, and all you have to do is memorize them to figure them out. This works well for dead presidents and the periodic table, but it’s not exactly the best way to confront the spiritual world.

Some things can’t be understood or explained using language or even thought. Observation is important in spirituality; it’s really the only step. If we can sit and observe, we can truly understand. But as soon as we try to force understanding without experiencing life directly, we run into trouble.

There’s no reason to project a rigid ideology on the world. Instead of doing this, try remaining sculptable. Let your experience inform your present-moment decisions. Use your heart; use your intuition. Don’t let yourself get carried away by memory, emotion, or analysis. When we step back and simply observe the moment, allowing it to unfold without judgement or reference to the past, we can live in a free manner. We feel light and blissful. The thirst for understanding drags people down and leads them down false paths once they think they’ve figured things out.

There’s no real ultimate truth to figure out; reality can only be experienced in the here and now. All analysis, all development of frameworks to try to understand reality, don’t matter if we don’t actually try to live it.

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