Ego Is Insecurity

A passage from Mooji:

All problems have to be personal. There are no impersonal problems.
Reflect. You can only suffer when you imagine yourself to be a person.
In the state of personhood, you feel you are or can become a unique entity with unique qualities:
that you can be loved or not loved, worthy or unworthy, a success or a failure.
‘You are on my team,’ or, ‘I don’t want you!’
Such words can only be uttered in duality and impact on the ‘person’.
The state of ego identity is fundamentally insecure.
And it is good it is this way, because if it were not,
your chance to be free would be almost impossible.
In this life, you have the greatest opportunity to move beyond this limited identity of personhood.
Those who suffer from the ego’s attacks are in some way fortunate, for they are nearer to discovering the distanceless Truth. Why?
Because at a certain point, their egos become so unbearable that they run out of moves and then everything has to collapse back into the Source.
If your ego was so wonderful and everything was going great and all your projections were fulfilled, there would be no attraction to the real Self.
The Self will not allow this.
It always gives you, the ‘presence’, the advantage.
Even if you were in hell, you would have the advantage,
because the seed of being in you is the eternal seed of the Real.

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