Stop Judging Others, Stop Judging Yourself

The best way to make peace with yourself is to stop judging yourself so harshly. Judgments are based on standards, and these standards vary from person to person. The ego usually takes its standards from society and culture, and these standards are usually unrealistic and materialistic.

When the ego judges itself, it condemns itself for not meeting its unrealistic standards. If you are constantly setting new goals and inventing new pipe-dreams, you’ll always feel stuck. You’ll feel inadequate. If you’re trying to win an unwinnable game, you’re setting yourself up to always feel like a loser.

Modern culture preys on this mindset, but it also perpetuates it. We’re always told that we’re not good enough, that we don’t match up to an idea, so that we buy things and work harder doing unnecessary tasks. There’s no need for any of this if you can look within and stop holding yourself to these false ideals.

Only when you build the internal strength to see beyond appearances can you stop judging yourself. With this new inner peace, you’ll find it difficult to want to judge others. You’ll realize there’s simply no need for it. You do your thing, and embody compassion and mindfulness, and the outside world starts to matter less and less.

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