Meditation Is Rebellion

I went to college with people who believed that violence and stereotypical leftist protests were the way towards revolution, but the real revolution occurs within our own minds. People who focus too much on external expressions and neglect cultivating spiritual power over themselves end up serving the interests they are trying to counter.

In this chaotic, concept-overridden world, meditation is one of the highest forms of rebellion. We’re constantly told to be productive, to stay busy, to work endlessly towards the next goal and checkpoint. Tomorrow is always the brightest time, rather than today.

Instead of subscribing to that train of thought, just sit and do nothing.

Sit and count your breaths.

Recognize the inherent peace underlying all things, the peace that existed in nature before humankind, and will continue to exist after we’re gone. Doing nothing is the supreme practice. The art of doing nothing is the art of living in constant recognition, not of what once was or what could be, but simply of what is.

It’s so easy that it ends up feeling initially difficult, because the popular narrative is that “nothing worth doing is easy”. We need to move away from this mindset of constant accomplishment. Those who are obsessed with goals, productivity, and accomplishment are filling a void that cannot be filled; the key is to embrace the void, and embrace the nothingness by doing nothing for a little while each day. This is an active rebellion against chaos.

Meditation is only difficult when we try to use it as a means to an end. In and of itself, there’s nothing more natural than merely existing in the moment. Just be.

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