Don’t Rely On Your Appearance

Basic people always assume that fashion represents identity. Only those who are egoistically concerned with their material surroundings judge people based on appearance. The most interesting people I know are not the ones who obviously force their views upon the world with signifiers of their lifestyle.

The real punks are not obviously punks. The real dropouts look like ordinary folks; they’re just living off the radar, off the grid. Instead of buying a pitbull and a bunch of death metal patches, look into yourself. Don’t project a persona onto the world of who you think you are. Doing so only perpetuates the idea that people are what they buy, what they own, and what they look like.

Take a step beyond mere appearances. Take a step beyond fashion. The most radical people are often indistinguishable from “normies” because they recognize that we are all one in the same.

Conveying yourself in a certain way makes no difference if you don’t walk the walk. And even if you do walk the walk, you’re still a part of society. There is no divorcing yourself from that which you dislike. You’re a human and you have to deal with being a human. So stop hating and projecting visual cues onto the world, and start looking into your own head. Move past appearances. They won’t get you very far.

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