Don’t Be Normal

While nature remains constant and doesn’t care about human goals or aspirations, human society itself is controlled by a certain portion of the population: the portion that thirsts for control. It’s rare that you’ll find a self-satisfied person in a position of power, because acquiring a position of power requires really wanting power.

The happiest people in the world are either unknown or famous by accident, and this makes them abnormal. Why? Well, the power-hungry people who end up assuming power project their insecurities onto “the masses”. When a person is greedy and wants money for no real reason, some sort of delusional pretense must be created in order to make that money. This explains the thousands of ad campaigns telling people they aren’t complete unless they buy products, and the association of money with happiness.

People who thirst for money want so deeply to believe that it will cure their problems, and so they perpetuate this myth to the public. As a result, we have a definition of normality that essentially revolves around being able to hold a mundane job. The DSM V is filled with arbitrary “mental disorders”, some of which are just habits or personality quirks.

The ideal “normal person” in 2015 is an unthinking automaton who bows down to technology and makes just enough money to keep buying stuff. Don’t be a normal person.

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