Don’t Resist The Present

Being present is very difficult for most people initially, since most of us have been culturally trained to be in a constant state of resistance to truth. We resist our real feelings, and the feelings of others, in exchange for temporarily-satiating fantasies and culturally salable delusions.

Being present is the difference between listening to a conversation underwater and coming to the surface. Everything is suddenly clear when you are truly present. You can hear every word of your true self speaking to you, and you can sense the connection between your body, your mind, and your world. This is why it’s so important to let the current of presentness draw you in the proper direction.

If you can root yourself in your breath and remain consistent, the moment will direct you to do whatever comes naturally. Your life will begin to simplify, and you’ll find all the aforementioned fantasies and delusions slowly drifting away. More importantly, you’ll come to see them as fantasies and delusions; the whole point of these things is that they trick us into thinking they’re based in reality.

People think their goals and beliefs are objective. There’s nothing objective other than this moment; it’s here, waiting for you. You can embrace it and let it guide you, or you can resist. But when it comes to nature, resistance is futile.

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