Your Problems Aren’t Real

When a tree dies, or a mountain produces an avalanche, or a lake freezes over for winter, does nature freak out and panic? Obviously not, because nature is not a person. Still, nature metaphorically teaches us that when we think about our “problems” objectively, they aren’t really problems at all.

There’s no reason to get all worked up about things when you recognize them as mere occurrences. People convince themselves that daily troubles amount to life-or-death struggles, and it makes them miserable. The more you load the events of your life up with positive or negative significance, the more you get trapped in the wheel of suffering. What you perceive as struggles or problems are just facts of life.

If you’re in the middle of these events, dealing with them, why cause unnecessary suffering for yourself? Why indulge in suffering? There’s a certain natural degree of suffering we feel during major events or tragedies, but most of our problems are not tragedies. Most of the stuff we worry about is insignificant and unnecessary.

Organically speaking, when you think something’s wrong, there’s nothing wrong. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take daily mindful steps to optimize your life and feel peaceful, but it also doesn’t mean that you should dwell on your problems or let them define you. In other words: shit happens. Flowers grow from shit. Nature functions autonomously without judgment, without good or bad events. We should learn from her to do the same.

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