Make Your Habits Interesting

A good place to start if you want to “live differently” is finding little micro-variations within your habits. Routine is not necessarily a mindless thing. It can even become a mindfulness practice itself if you can always be on your toes and aware of whatever experience you are having.

You can make any habit or routine into a deeply spiritual event. It doesn’t require any grand overture or pomp and circumstance; you’ve just gotta be mindful. Once you recognize your own awareness of a situation, you have the ability to change what you’re doing. Easy enough.

I go the same places most days, but I like to try different walking routes each time and really look at where I am. I’m terrible with directions because I always wander and try to fully immerse myself in wherever I am. But you can do this in any situation, whether you’re running, cooking, having sex— whatever. Switch things up.

This allows you to take small controlled steps in removing yourself from your comfort zone and forcing yourself to be present. Habits often serve as excuses for us to be non-present since they are always planned and predictable. Jogging yourself out of this predictability on purpose empowers you to take control of the moment and have fun, even if what you’re doing is seemingly uninteresting.

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