Don’t Forget About Your Body

Thinkers throughout the ages have tried to impart the wisdom of physical activity on people with spiritual inclinations. Balance in all things is important, and physicality is no exception. To align mind, body, and spirit as you guide yourself towards some sort of spiritual “truth” will put you in touch with a core self that can only be uncovered on a physical level.

I began seriously exercising four years ago after realizing that my anxiety needed some sort of physical release. Weightlifting, running, yoga— these are all means to understanding your body. Exercise helps you drop the veil of thoughts and engage with yourself on a primal level.

You can learn what it really means to have a body, to be a physical person, through testing your physical limits and steadily building towards a state of physical fitness. Lifting weights has become an invaluable facet of my spiritual experience, and I learned quickly that it is anything but a vain pursuit if done with respect for oneself.

You learn through physical metaphor the nature of balance, limits, and egoless activity. Ego, imbalance, and impatience can seriously injure you during exercise. If you exercise regularly and practice your workouts with calmness, consistency, and humility, you will begin to notice remarkable changes in both your body and your state of mind.

Exercise is simply meditation plus physicality. It’s a must for anyone looking to figure out who they are.

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