Focus On Your Breathing

Breath is the root of all life. When you stifle your breathing or breathe irregularly, you cause yourself stress. Imagine the billions of hasty decisions the world’s population makes on a daily basis out of stress. When you get stressed out, you act in generally inharmonious ways. Your thoughts don’t have time to process and the actions that result end up half-baked and out of line.

Stress is so obviously prevalent that most people are taking these half-baked actions constantly, not thinking things through and rarely ever acting on principles of wisdom or intuition. Most people do not meditate. Most people do not regulate their breathing properly. These are not generalizations, but simply facts. And you know what? The world that has resulted from an increasingly stressed populous is thoroughly unwell.

Most stress simply results from the chaos induced by not breathing properly. Stress causes irregular breathing, and irregular breathing causes stress. This cycle is difficult to break out of. Think of what the world would be like if everyone learned to calmly regulate their breathing patterns all day long. If the breath is an anchor, imagine a marina of boats without docks or anchors. It’d be pure chaos. But when you anchor yourself with the breath, everything falls into place.

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