We Are All Responsible

There’s no reason to feel guilty; that’ll just drag you down. But you shouldn’t raise any human to a godly standard. People idolize other people as if these “idols” aren’t also humans.

Take a second to think about all the harm humans have caused to one another and the planet in even the last 50 years alone and you will feel a sense of sober humility. This humility allows you to identify with the earth and realize that we are merely a part of it.

No human runs the show. And, just as you are responsible for your own “problems”, you are partly responsible for the pitfalls of humanity. You have human traits. You vary on an individual level but you are still a human. Don’t let your ego build you up too much; you’re just a weird little conglomeration of cells just like anything else. Perception allows you to view the world however you choose.

To cultivate mindfulness means to be aware of your simultaneous inseparability and insignificance within the universal realm. You’re both the agent for change and the experiencer of change, the actor and the audience. Don’t feel obliged to fix the entire world, but understand what responsibility means. It means recognizing the inherent suffering within yourself and taking active steps to quell negative mental energies through awareness.

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