Money Buys Pleasure, Not Bliss

The world of pleasure relies on your fleeting desires and takes advantage of them. In exchange for your brief satisfaction, you’re given a little bit of pain in return. The degree of this pain varies in accordance to the pleasure experienced by the gratified desire.

The greatest external pleasures are often the most dangerous— hard drugs, passionate lust, all-or-nothing goals and achievements. Some people get lucky and live lives where their pleasures are rarely restricted. Indulgence comes back to get everyone, though, in some form or another.

This is not to say that you should go climb a mountain and become a monk, or lock yourself in a room with a bunch of heroin, or drive off a cliff! In this world we must navigate our desires with some degree of realism. You can learn the art of moderation, and learn that money buys pleasures, not bliss.

Bliss comes from within, pleasures come from “out there”. Pleasures cause temporary satisfaction but they only guide you to bliss in the sense that they remind you of their own impermanence. When you can recognize that pleasure is fleeting but can also kill you, you can invest less of yourself and your bank account in acquiring things that satisfy your carnal desires. You can just live for living’s sake.

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