Stop Caring So Much About Being Right

Every time you fight with someone, you hold strong to your position of being “right”. You make your own ego stronger and enable it to cause you more suffering than it’s worth. There’s really no way to win an argument. There are no winners or losers in verbal fights, just fools. Rationality and logic play little part in the world of the heart, and arguments are emotional ordeals.

People try to transmute experience into the realm of language, and the arguing mind of each party assumes that the other can understand where they’re coming from. A fight’s only purpose should be to remind you of the frailty of your thoughts. If you can learn to communicate without fighting, you will find true strength. This strength comes from recognizing a discrepancy between opposing views and transcending it rather than indulging in it.

The desire to be right is nothing but another attachment, and it often leads to harmful decisions. Entire wars have been waged by weak men who wish to appear strong through their ego projections. The ego is not real. Right and wrong are not real. All you have is yourself, the essential core of which cannot be communicated. The best way to be is to avoid any quarrels about right and wrong. Simply exist and observe, let arguments and inconsistencies wash over you so you can float above them once they subside.

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