You Are Responsible For Your Own Feelings

People who are controlled by their egos are always trying to blame other people for their actions.

“___ made me do it!”

“I wouldn’t act like that if you didn’t do this!”

“I hate ___, it makes me feel like shit!”

Not to rain on the pity parade, but the only person who makes you feel like shit is yourself. To be clinically depressed or in a state of extreme panic is one thing, but most people are not suffering from severe mental illness. Most people simply are overwhelmed by the ego’s need to deflect responsibility.

You are responsible for your life in most respects, whether you like it or not. Your feelings come from within you, even if external things trigger different emotions. When you detach importance from these externals, you allow yourself to regain control over your emotions.

The world can play you very easily if you are always blaming it for your problems; that which you blame, you give responsibility, and when you give the rest of the world responsibility for your problems, you perceive that you are hopeless and cannot control what is happening to you.

Non-attachment allows you to reconnect with your actual sense of self and feel the peace that exists within you at all times. Emotional strife is often your ego reacting negatively to being controlled by its impulses and by the temptations of the world. Examine this and take small steps towards correcting it.

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