Want to work with Daily Zen?

I’m excited about how The Daily Zen is expanding. Continued donations are allowing me to put more time into working on the site and generating new content for you. A lot of people are asking how they can work with Daily Zen. I have a few ideas that I hope you will expand upon:

1. Write guest posts. Feel free to send me pitches for guest posts or things you have written in the past.

2. Send me quotes. If you have an excerpt from a book, a thinker you like, or a list of quotes you’ve collected, send them over! I can make a list posting and credit you at the top.

3. Tweet @dailyzen. I try to retweet as many people who share stuff of mine on Twitter as possible. If you share a post, tag it with @dailyzen and I will hopefully see it and can fav or repost it.

4. Tell me your story. I know a lot of you have remarkably interesting backgrounds and have had some intense struggles and triumphs. I am always trying to find out how people came to Zen/meditation and where it’s led them. If you take some time to write your story and make it insightful, I will gladly consider posting it here.

5. Make suggestions. I spend so much time working on the site that I often lose sight of the forest for the trees. If you have a suggestion for how I can improve this thing, please get in touch. I’m a one-man operation and always appreciate input.

6. Tell me about your organization. Do you run a Zen center? Do you teach meditation classes? Do you write or publish books? Do you want to teach your employees meditation? Whatever it is, if you have a business or organization and would like to figure out how to partner up, get in touch.

7. DonateI know I sound like a broken record, but your donations enable me to work on the site more and more. I don’t want nor expect to get rich from this thing, but would love to make enough from it to cover my basic living expenses and work at it full time.

For all of these inquiries, please email charlie.ambler@gmail.com

I look forward to hearing from you.


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