The True Self

Excerpts from
To you
by Sawaki Kôdô Rôshi

Translated from Japanese by Jesse Haasch and Muhô

“You can’t hold on to your self. The very moment you give your self up, you realize the self which is one with the universe.

Precisely that self which I haven’t thought up is who I really am.

The two passages, “all things are the form of truth” (Lotus Sutra) and “all existence is Buddha nature” (Nirvana Sutra) refer to that which lies beyond the personal.

The entire universe radiates the light of the self.
So I fill the entire universe. I’m not that fool playing with his pocket change.

This body is the whole universe. If you don’t have that kind of faith in yourself, you’ll have a weak point you won’t be able to hide. As soon as you get jealous or moody, you’ll show it.

Just forget everything you’ve picked up since you were born.

When a drop of water enters the sea, and when a speck of dust settles on the ground, then that drop is already the sea, and that speck of dust is already the earth.

All things are contained in my self. That’s why, in my actions, I also have to pay attention to what other’s expect.

It is because we are grateful towards society that whenever we use something, we think of those who will need it after us.”

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