A Goal-Setting Framework That Will Help Transform Your Life

Do you obsessively want to accomplish your goals?

Nothing I will write now negates what you’ve learned about goals before. Yes, they are essential to accomplishment. Yes, there are better ways to formulate goals. There is no lack of content discussing the strategy of goal setting and so I can only assume you have taken your need of goals quite seriously.

But there is one crucial aspect on the topic of goals—crucial—vital—required—if you are not an accomplished person today but want to be tomorrow…

And that is writing down your goals. every. single. day.


Here’s what happens when you write down goals once or twice per year:

  • You get distracted.
  • Other things falsely present themselves as more urgent, wasting away the time (the one thing you don’t have a lot of).
  • And worse of all, you don’t get obsessed over your goals if you forget about them.

Obsession is what is required to accomplish what you want out of life—because it takes a tremendous amount of energy to change. Name someone who you respect and admire, who has accomplished greatness. They did so because of obsession. And obsession is a brain requirement.

Your brain must be constantly synoptically wiring itself, constantly problem solving, constantly focusing on what it wants. When your brain automatically wants what it wants like one automatically wants to breath—because of necessity to survive—it will attain that thing eventually no matter how stupid, poor, fat, short, or far away from your goals you think you are.

Success doesn’t come in a box, and you can not walk towards success in a straight line. Success comes from being obsessed with getting out of your traps, like a man in a straight jacket.

You do know why you aren’t successful, right? It’s not because you don’t have the correct information. Information is free brothers and sisters! It’s on the net. It’s in the cloud. Information is air.

The reasons you aren’t successful are because you’re too nice. You aren’t successful because you don’t know how to sell, influence, persuade. You aren’t successful because you don’t know how to commit your brain to the activity and practices that build you into a monster.

It has nothing to do with information in raw form. It has to do with practice. But you are trapped in a straight jacket. How do you get out?

Wiggle yourself out—every day, over and over, focusing only on getting out. And whether you’re with friends you don’t really care about, driving in a car that actually doesn’t reflect your value as a human being, or watching a TV show that truly only exists to trap you in front of the TV long enough to show you 10 minutes of commercial air time for every 20 minutes of entertainment—whenever there is a break in the conversation, 2 minutes at a car light, or you finally get away from the TV, your brain will revert to whatever it is obsessed with. Your brain will be in conversation with your goals. You will absorb new things. And what you don’t know that constrains you will reveal itself clearly, in due time, and you will go after that thing in obsession of knocking down more walls—the walls blocking access to what makes life worth living to you—until you reach your goals.

Not reaching your goals is a pain you must feel—daily.

Here’s some odd news: you are not a Person™. What you think of as the person in your body is merely a conscious loop function. You are a self-illusion and that illusion was given a name. Truly, deep, deep inside you, you are a simple organism in a sensory experience that avoids pain and seeks pleasure. Everything else is merely complication wrapped around and atop that simple you, in layers of evolutionary complexity—which is good because bacteria can’t walk to Starbucks or drive a Taurus. But that simple part inside you, that shares function with everything else that is living, is what must be in pursuit of those goals at all times—obsessively.

Think of it as multitasking: while the rest of you is showering, walking, talking, eating, fucking, your core function is living in obsession of your goals. You have to be crazy, even if its your own little secret.

So, focus on your goals repeatedly—daily.

You’ll notice that I keep repeating my point. Does it annoy you? Good, because you remember what annoys you. It is painful. It is wiring itself into you. Write down 3-4 goals daily—daily—daily.

Write them down when you wake up and get a moment. Write them down before bed. At least write them down once per day, off the top of your head.

If I wake you up from a deep sleep you should be able to automatically recite your goals as soon as I ask, soldier. Your goals should be expressed daily from the depths of your programming.

Surface level dedication is not obsession. Nobody wins a first prize race doing a practice run only twice a year.

Do this. Otherwise, you don’t deserve to reach your goals. The unobsessed human gets nothing out of life worth living for. They die mediocre, unremembered, and probably taken advantage of.

Write your goals down. Repeatedly. Daily. Daily.

TL;DR: Write your goals down daily. Daily. Daily. Its the life hack to end all life hacks.

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