What Does 10 Years of Meditation Teach You?

“What I learned from 10 years of meditation

This is going to be a long post.

There will be no long elaborations.

Just a lot of short and simple sentences.

Divided into subjects.

Let’s begin.


General about Meditation

It’s not something that you do.

It’s the state you are in.

Goal is to calm your thoughts so that all you feel is that void, pure existence.


Popular but false beliefs about meditation

You need a quiet place to meditate.

You need a certain time during day to meditate.

You need to sit or lay down to meditate.

You need a mantra to meditate.

You need particular clothing to meditate. (robes, hoods etc)

You need particular music or sound to meditate.

You need binaural beats to meditate.

You need to meditate some particular amount of time to be successful.

You need to adopt some belief system in order to meditate.

All of these are just like learning wheels on the bike.

They help at the beginning.

But get in the way soon.

It’s better without them.

Use them when you are learning.

Try to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Disclaimer – My intention is not to offend any religion or practice. If these are part of your beliefs I apologize in advanced if these offend you, I am only stating what I learned over the years.


What I got wrong

You shouldn’t built a habit of doing mediation.

You should built a habit of being in that state.

Don’t be dependent on anything external to meditate (Everything from popular but false beliefs about meditation)

Don’t build your ego around meditation.

Don’t force it on others.

Your way may not be the way for someone else.

It’s irrelevant what kind of mantra you use. Sound, visual or breath.

There is no best mantra, only what works for you.

Don’t try to get in touch with you thoughts but with you consciousness as whole.


How I see meditation today

I don’t set time to meditate.

Meditation is not something that I do.

Meditation is a state that am in more than am out of it.

I meditate all the time. Even when I am talking to someone.

Debugging code is easier in meditation state.

Solving complex problems is easier in meditation state.

It’s natural as breathing.

You breath all the time right?

Therefor am meditating all the time..

Am sharper, and calmer.

It’s a state, not an action.

Meditation itself is just a tool.

Tool to focus your Intention.

It’s not the end point, but a starting point.

Calming your thoughts is the starting point.


What I learned

Ego is your intellect trying to rationalize the fear you are not facing,

so that you feel better about yourself.

Ego manifests itself as thoughts, feelings, words, actions etc.

Not all thoughts and feelings are ego based.

Ego is not the problem.

Ego is the symptom of a bigger problem.

Ego points the way to the fear.

Fear is the real problem.

Without fear, there is no need for ego.

Growth is in the intention(not in action).

There is a difference between what you do and why you do it.

Good moral decisions are not based in action, but motivation.

Ultimate question to ask yourself if you want to grow is not what am i doing this , but why am I doing it.

Focusing on how you want to be will greatly help you achieve it.”

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